SIREN: Album Of The Week / Expansion Records

After many years in my somewhat of a self-imposed exile, it would seem that I am rising from the ashes. For years I had been cocooned in a chrysalis like state, slowly creating, shyly hiding behind procrastination, insecurity, love, personal tragedy, blissful and unforgettable sunsets in Spain, paying bills and caring for elders. There were some days when it was hard to get up, others when it was hard to go to bed and all the while there I was, sometimes note by note, idea by idea, trial by error...creating. It is something that will not be silenced, however hard one tries to deny oneself, the creative spirit will always find the light under the door. It never gets switched off completely. We may try closing the door, but we know it's there shining brightly behind, and reminding us that the hidden things are worth more than those which can be seen.

So, here we are, some ten years into the sojourn, and we find ourselves in very good company with some incredible friends that are also incredible musicians! We have a new home on a very prestigious label, Expansions, via dear Mr Tee, a great manager, Mr Howard and a publicist, Mr Ripley! Most of all, we are appreciative of our small group of fans and supporters, old and new. 

We are so humbled and grateful at being Album Of The Week on Jazz FM thanks to the very wonderful Mr Jeff Young, that has been championing 'Siren' since it dropped into his palms. I would be singing like a lark now but for this wonderfully hoarse strep throat that feels like one is swallowing razor blades! I am grinning like a Cheshire cat though. That I can do.

Next up, a superb superb remix of Neptune Atmosphere by Phlasher and The Mighty Zaf for the forthcoming single release. Also, we will be calling on the spirits and our talented friends to get a formidable band together, to bring you 'Siren Live'. You ought to go with me...

Jeff Young Twitter "Album Of The Week" Siren - Robb Scott

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