1. Winter Love

From the recording Siren


You, I could hear your name over anything
I assess the heart and not trust in me
I don’t know for sure what you do
But oh I continue
Ooh, I haven’t done a great deal of running
But funny how I reached you eventually
It’s not a miracle but fate that brought you to me
Ooh, ain’t no room for “don’t just” doing
Love’s a game that I’m not losing
Feels so right can we baby do it again?

Winter love
There’s no aftercare
With your love

You, I know that life goes around in rings
And I’m so glad our chance came around again
For I’d be strung out crazy for sure, boy without you
Ooh, I love your independent nature
Don’t have to depend or worry
You’re down for whatever
You stuck it out through thick and the thin
And now we’re good, we win
And now we’re good let’s talk about it
There’s freedom within and without

There ain’t a better man for me
I’m better when you are with me
We ‘bout it ‘bout it!

Winter love
(You blow the blues away)
There’s no aftercare
(with your love, love, love, love…)
With your love…yeah…

There’s no aftercare with your love
There’s no aftercare with your love
There’s no aftercare with your love...

© 2009 Afro Odyssey Music
Music written by Robb Scott
Words written by Elisabeth Troy
Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott


Robb Scott: Background Vocals, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar and Percussion. All Rhythm, Horn, vocal and String arrangements.
Elisabeth Troy: Lead and Background Vocals and vocal arrangements.
Chris Morris: Drums
Noel Langley: Trumpet and Flugel Horn solos
The Enc Orchestra: String Section
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Hollywood, The Rotary End, London and Upper Room Studios (Engineered by Julian Richards), Dunstable England.