1. Keep On

From the recording Siren


I’m no millionaire
No King, Sultan or heir
I’m on a voyage from miles away
A dreamer, a refugee
You are the fortune I have claimed
That is how we came to be

No architect could build a love like this
No cement or fences can prevent
Turbulent or rocky incidents
Under covers deep in neglect!

Scared to touch
The underlying issues are much
And things we can’t discuss will show up
In ways rougher than rough
In a rut
Still I’ve the feelin’

To keep on runnin’ (keep on)
Still I try to keep on runnin’
And maybe that will express what I’ve been going through

Same old conversation
From high intoxication
Is this the beginning of the end or
The end of the beginning?
We’re shadow boxing without gloves
When we once were kissing

Still I’ve the feelin’ …

Keep on runnin’
Keep on runnin’…

© 2004 Afro Odyssey Music
Written, Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott


Robb Scott: Lead and background vocals, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Clavinet, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion, Programming, all rhythm, horn and string arrangements.
Theasha Faison: Lead and background vocals and arrangement (soloist)
Sylvia Mason James: Lead and background vocals (soloist)
Austin Howard: Lead and background vocals (soloist)
Matthew David: Lead and background vocals
Mary Edwards: Lead and Background vocals
Dave Ital: Electric Guitars
Chris Morris: Drums
Ashley Slater: Trombone solo
The Enc Orchestra: String Section

Written, arranged and produced by Robb Scott
Recorded at The Rotary End Studios, London, T-Bag Studios East, Elmhurst, New York, Abbey Drive Studios, Luton and El Molino Negro Studios, Spain. Engineered by Milo Toledo and John Morris (Abbey Drive Studios)