1. Circle

From the recording Siren


Seasons come and go
The colours fade away
It’s life complete
Ever decreasing, repeating
Let me sing about my spheres
In another world you and me
Evolving we belong
Connecting me
The sky to your horizon
You bring me another world
Where time means nothing to no one

Bringing me life

You’re a steady comfort to me
Compare your love to it
Unforgiving heat
Without an edge
No beginning, no end
Seamless, even, continuous
In another world we belong
Where time means nothing, to no one…


©2011 Afro Odyssey Music
Music by Robb Scott
Lyrics by Elisabeth Troy
Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott


Robb Scott: Rhythm, horn, vocal and string arrangements, Backing vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano, Bass Guitar, 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Moog and Percussion.
Elisabeth Troy: All Lead vocals and arrangements.
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
Noel Langley: Trumpet and Flugel Horn.
The ENC Orchestra: Strings