From the recording Siren


Let’s go my dear
Release deep fears
Unfold unto life

Or your time will flow
Old scars take hold
Fine lines will show
How could this be so?

These words will pursue you
Long after we’re through
Adieu, goodbye

It’s time to go
Tune in tomorrow
How could this be so?


© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music


Written, arranged and produced by Robb Scott


Robb Scott: All Lead and background vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Percussion, All rhythm, vocal, horn and string arrangements.
Thad Kelly: Upright Bass
Noel Langley: Trumpet solos
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
The Enc orchestra: String section

Recorded at The Rotary End Studios London, The Drum Factory London, The Chocolate Factory London, T-Bag Studios New York and El Molino Negro Spain. Engineered by Milo Toledo