1. Siren

From the recording Siren


“When people go on…
It’s really just us, you know
They’re really set free at this point
You know, but it’s us really just missing them…”

May you never die, and may I never grow old…oh

Legions loved you,
Tune in tomorrow: channel one through fifty-four

With Marvin and Sarah Vaughan,
Hathaway, Riperton
RJ and Lennon gone
Your spirit will live on…

How I miss you Teena
So volcanic your voice
Yet soft as a brook running through the night
You could shake me to my roots - Siren
And flutter like soft feathers in flight - Siren

It’s darkest, oh
Just before the dawn
Your sweet melodies
And love poetry
Derived from your dreams
My dear Ms Marie

The forest brought you to us
And now the forest takes you away

With Marvin and Sarah Vaughan, Donny
Hathaway, Riperton, Minnie
RJ and Lennon gone
Your spirit will live on…

And now the sky is beginning to bruise
Filled with the tears from the ones that we lose

“I dream songs… you know, and I’ve been like that since I was a little girl…” Siren!

Ooh I, baby
I loved you Lady (Tee)
You know I love you!
I love you…I’ve loved you forever baby…oh forever... Siren, oh Siren…
I ain’t gonna let you go that easy, Siren

You ought to go with me…
Ain’t gonna let you go that easy
You were one of us
Always with our love…Siren!

We ain’t gonna let you go that easy (ain’t gonna let you go)
You ought to go with me,
Always with our love, Siren
Teena….we love you…

“I’ve had a wonderful life you know, I mean I…just the people that I’ve met you know,
Sarah Vaughan and Ella and you know…Stevie Wonder and you know I was in Motown building with…I’d walk around the corner and Stevie comes walking round the corner, I’d sit as his piano and I’d play his piano you know I was at Motown when the Jacksons were still there…”

© 2011 Afro Odyssey Music

Written, Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott (BMI)

Robb Scott: Vocal, rhythm and string arrangements, Lead and Background vocals, Acoustic Piano, Spanish Guitar solo and Percussion.
Julia Waters Tillman: Background vocals
Maxine Waters Willard: Background vocals
Sylvia Mason James: Background vocals
Noel Langley: Trumpet Solo
Thad Kelly: Upright Bass
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
Ruby Moore: Cello
Enc Orchestra: String Section
Recorded at El Molino Negro Studios, Spain, The Rotary End Studios, London, The Chocolate Factory, London, Fantasy Studios, Hollywood and TK Studios, England. Additional recording at Apache Digital Studios, Los Angeles by Marlo Henderson and co-ordinated by Julia Waters Tillman.
all rights reserved