From the recording Siren


“I need pleasure…”

You give your love and hope that it will fit
Masquerading in the thick of it
Sat in the back seat of your life you’ve been, while
Somebody else’ been asleep at the wheel, driving

Unresolved issues hidden from view
Dressed up again to fool someone new
All played out repeating things you do
Once again you find the fool is you

You’re hooked on
Pleasure from negative highs
Passion with pleasure ignored

Negative pleasures
I need pleasure

Different spaces, bodies, places, beds
You’re searching for somebody in your head
Who’s a such and such and so and so
A childhood figure you can’t let go (maybe)

Unresolved issues hidden from view
That your higher self keeps sending you
But your ego will obscure the clues
You’ve been runnin’ from yourself you fool

Pleasure…ooh give me pleasure…ad lib to fade

© 2010 Afro Odyssey Music

Written, arranged and produced by Robb Scott


Robb Scott : Lead and background vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano, B3 Organ, percussion, all rhythm, horn, string and vocal arrangements.
Sylvia Mason James: Lead and background vocals
Yolanda Charles: Bass Guitar
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
Dave Ital: Electric Guitars
Noel Langley: Trumpet and Flugel Horn
The Enc Orchestra: String Section

Recorded at The Rotary End Studios, London, The Drum Factory, London, Fantasy Studios, Hollywood and El Molino Negro, Spain.

all rights reserved