1. Hummingbird

From the recording Siren


To the ocean from the hill
August through April
Like Siddhartha seeking passion
Underneath your window sill
I wait impatiently yet still
Sending love in tender fashion

Do you love me?
Tell me baby
Do you love me?
I’ve got to know

You’re fluttering upon the wind
As I go out on a limb
Between your thighs myself I’d bury
I’m falling down on you like rain
You’ve got me circling the drain
It won’t be you but me that hurts me

Do you love me?
Tell me baby
Do you love me?
I’ve got to know

My hummingbird
Hummingbird my
Hummingbird fly

As the clock begins to tick
Time is ebbing bit by bit
I’ve turned my life towards you baby
To the marrow to the quick
Am I making more of it?
When it ain’t nothing but a maybe
Baby sugar darlin’

Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Or I’ve got to go my baby…

© 2005 Afro Odyssey Music

Written, arranged and Produced by Robb Scott


Sandra St Victor: Lead and background vocals, vocal arrangements
Robb Scott: Lead and background vocals, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Moog, and Percussion. All Rhythm, vocal, and string arrangements.
Donald Nicks: Bass guitar
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
Darren Barrett: Trumpet and Flugel Horn Solos
The Enc Orchestra: Strings