From the recording Siren


Part 1. La Petite Hirondelle : Little Swallow

(The contours
The shapes
The nape of your neck
I know you best from behind
Not the pips, the core nor the fruit
But always the rind of you
The nest you keep for another
While I collect crumbs from your plate
For the collage of you I create…)

Part 2. The Happy Prince: Cruel Love

Was not the only one
To fly too near
To the sun
To my detriment
For you I yearned
But your loves dividends
Have got me burned

Cruel love
I waited too long
And now my love is gone…
Cause I loved you
I loved you since day one
Ooh baby…
Que bonitos ojos azules tienes
Your eyes…

As your love rained down
You doused me in it
Ignited me so
Then left me rusting
I’m flying like a Hirondelle
Passerine, circling
Too late to migrate South
And too early for Spring
Oh your love…

Cruel love
Fool’s love
I stayed far too long
And now my summer is gone
Summer’s gone
Cruel love
Fool’s love
I stayed far too long
It’s gone…

Part 3. The Death of Chatterton: It’s over

It’s over…
from Siren, released August 5, 2017
Dedicated with grace and gratitude to the ‘Little Swallow’ from the ‘Happy Prince’. With memories of El Comandante, balcony sunsets, six conversations running in tandem, Mahler, Aschenbach, the liquidator and of us being in love, by mistake. And, although the ego is brittle and easily hurt, the true spirit is forever free. So fly away little one, knowing that wherever you are…yes, I loved you: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been!''

©2015 Afro Odyssey Music

Written, Arranged and Produced by Robb Scott (BMI)

Music & lyrics by Robb Scott
Additional lyric by Andy Polaris
Additional background vocal arrangement by Bembe Segue.

Robb Scott: All lead & background vocals, Acoustic piano
Francesco Mendolia: Drums
Thad Kelly: Upright Bass
Rob Barron: Acoustic piano Solo
Freddy de Lord: Saxophone and Solo.
Vaughan Jones: Viola & Violin Section.

Rhythm, horn, string and vocal arrangements by Robb Scott.
Recorded at the Rotary End Studios, London, TK Studios, The Drum Factory London, Strings recorded at Shepperton Studios, Twickenham, London by Neill Burbidge. Mixed by Yvonne Ellis at Rosehill Studios, Manchester, England.
all rights reserved